10th Würzburg Workshop on IP:
Joint ITG and Euro-NF Workshop
"Visions of Future Generation Networks"

Co-located with Official G-Lab Status Meeting

August 2nd - August 3rd 2010
Würzburg, Germany

The workshop's tradition and intention is to foster the communication among researchers from industry, universities, and other research institutes. To that end, technical talks about current research, invited sessions, and invited talks by outstanding experts will be presented. In particular, Dr. Max Lemke (European Commission, Belgium) organizes a session on Future Internet Activities in FP7 and Aaron Falk (Lead System Engineer for GENI, US) on the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) project in US. A keynote talk on The Future (Inter)Network - Challenges and Paradigms" will be given by Prof. Dr. Lawrence Landweber (University of Wisconsin, US).

The workshop is the continuation of a series of successful events previously held in Wuerzburg. A summary and the results from the user survey of last year's workshop are available for download. The workshop series originated in 2000 and is supported since then by the German Information Technology Society. Since 2006, the workshop series focuses on "Visions of Future Generation Networks" and is called EuroView which is financially sponsored by the Network of Excellence Euro-NF (within European Union Framework Programme 7). EuroView2010 is co-located with the official G-Lab status meeting. The International Teletraffic Congress (ITC) is technically sponsoring EuroView2010.

A press release (in German language) is available at idw-online. A other press release (in German language) related to EuroView 2010 is "Internet muss modernisiert werden"(Welt kompakt).